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welcome change as long as nothing is altered or different

Take a Risk or Lose The Chance

Change is No Picnic Making a change is difficult. Tiptoeing into the shallow end of change and hoping for a positive outcome never works. To be successful, one often has to commit, run at the cliff, and jump out as far as possible.  “Let’s see how this goes.” When trying something new, I’ve found that […]

a man is holding a red cube in front of his computer

Hiring a Creative for Your Team: Four Rules for Great Outcomes

Innovation is valuable to all companies and critical for long-term success. At the root of innovation lies creativity. Hiring for a marketing department or a creative agency comes with unique challenges.  Creative types frequently are a different type of hire. They are often less concerned with profitability, less rooted in executing the business end of […]

a sign that says watch out a hole

The hole you fall into while trying to avoid it

I remember a cartoon from when I was a kid about two guys on a train. One of them is very clumsy and always gets into trouble, while the other one is smart, analytical, and bureaucratic. As the clumsy guy is sleeping the smart guy notices the emergency brake. Having experienced the other guy’s clumsiness […]

indiana jones and the last crusade

The Guy in The Cheap Seats

“Indiana Jones is irrelevant to the story.”

“What?!” I gasped with fearful indignation.

“Yeah, If you remove Indiana Jones from the story’s plot, the Nazis would have found the ark, taken it to the island, opened the lid, and all died. Just how the movie ended. He’s totally irrelevant.”

The Stories We Tell

My oldest daughter is about to graduate from UC Davis. She is a beautiful artist despite the economics degree she will receive in June.  As a very young girl, the artistic process dogged her a bit. A particular dragon she had repeatedly been drawing saw iteration after iteration rejected, balled up, and thrown across the […]

a yellow sign with the words tough decisions ahead

The Hard Part About Decisions

The fall of the Berlin Wall, which occurred in 1989, is one of the most important moments of the 20th century. It also happened by accident, because of a faulty decision. Guenter Schabowski, a spokesman for the East German Politburo, was hosting a press conference about the possibilities of East Germany allowing travel through the […]

be bold or italian never regular

Fortune Follows The Bold

If you believe the experts, we’re are in the worst crisis in the history of crises. That sounds gloomy — and it is. Your thumbs push story after story through your feeds of the world doing its best to hop into the flaming dumpster behind a taco bell. You long to curl up in bed […]

there are eggs in a pile of bricks with the quote there are no old saying among scientific guys

It’s Time To Break Some Eggs

On a rainy Sunday afternoon last week, we turned on a YouTube fireplace and enjoyed the digital crackling fire here in Southern California (that’s how we do fires here). During a commercial break, I watched an ad for a dating app called Hinge.   Their tagline: The dating app designed to be deleted. Bold. Our purpose as human beings […]

What Do You Think of Our Ad Campaign?

It was 10:45 pm on a Thursday evening. A COO of a medical device company stopped by our offices seven hours ago for a drink and conversation. One drink had become many and rapidly consumed finger foods became an ordered-in meal. As the evening waxed long and the pace of conversation slowed he grew pensive […]

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