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How To Evaluate, Measure, and Improve Your Marketing Operations

Monitoring, evaluating, and improving your marketing action plan is essential for ensuring its effectiveness, optimizing your return on investment, and adapting to the ever-changing business environment. Here’s how to go about it: Set Clear KPIs: Use Analytics Tools: Schedule Regular Check-ins: Document Results: Conduct Surveys and Get Feedback: Compare Against Benchmarks: Adjust in Real-time: Cost-effectiveness […]

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Marketing Strategy: What It Is and How to Create One

What is a marketing strategy?  A marketing strategy is an overview of how a business or organization will articulate its value proposition to its customers. Generally, a marketing strategy outlines business goals, target market, buyer personas, competitors, and value for customers. It provides a long-term vision for overall marketing efforts, often looking many years ahead.  […]

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Rethinking ROI: Why it’s a Misleading Indicator of Marketing Success

Return on Investment (ROI) is a well-known metric used to evaluate the efficiency of marketing activities. However, in recent years, marketers and business professionals have begun questioning the effectiveness of using ROI as a sole indicator of marketing success. This article will explore why ROI can be misleading, alternative metrics to consider, and how to reframe your marketing performance evaluation.

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