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2015 Most Requested Keynote:

How to set-up, manage, and convert new businessas a business of ONE.

Inbound Media & Marketing for Business Professionals



I currently cover the following topics:

  • Media & marketing for business professionals
  • Sales for Businesses of One
  • Client relationship management

…and I can easily be baited into writing the odd financial piece.

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Social Media Mistakes Made by Business Professionals

Writing media content for a blog, Facebook post, or crafting clever tweets that cause a prospective client to reach out to you can be a difficult task. One needs to account for the tone, timing, and an effective call-to-action. Yet, most professionals report that the effectiveness of their social media campaigns is difficult to measure […]

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Press Releases: Do free distribution channels still work?

Many marketing professionals question the benefits of producing press releases in 2015. Further, there is a question about using a free service to distribute a PR that doesn’t achieve placement in major media outlets. Yet, press releases still can play a valuable role in a company’s overall media and marketing strategies.  To Continue Reading Click […]

Will is a 15 year veteran in the financial service industry author, speaker, and consultant at ConstantPLAN, LLC. He regularly shares his media & marketing ideas, concepts, and expertise with professionals whose personal name and reputation is their brand. He provides workshops to local offices of professionals and keynotes at industry conferences.


I write for several publications in consultancy industries.  I address the constantly shifting trends in marketing and information consumption and distill the most compelling and timely techniques in social media, niche messaging, brand and reputation management, and client engagement.


I present keynotes around the country for industry events and corporate conferences. Each keynote address can be tailored to address the specific challenges found in a particular industry.  My style is high energy, humorous, and provide actionable presentations that provide significant take-aways.


I teach The ConstantPLAN™ Solution which solves the unique media and marketing challenges facing individuals who work in industries whose product is their professional advice. For a full explanation of the ConstantPLAN Cosultion please visit the The ConstantPLAN™ website.

Popular Workshops & Keynotes


Quickly Connect With ConstantPLAN Media

  • ConstantPLAN Boot Camp

    Workshop: Full Cycle Marketing Training for Businesses Professionals: 1,3, and 5 day intensive trainings

  • Compliant Marketing Systems for Financial Advisors

    Workshop: 1, 1.5 day programs (this training session is for highly regulated industries that prescribe specific parameters for public communication)

  • Branding: Why It’s You Not Your Company

    Keynote: Individuals in the advice business need the recognition that they are the brand, they are the voice of authority. This keynote addresses that premise, demonstrates how to get the personal brand found, heard, and converting new clients.

  • Doing It All As a Business of One

    Keynote: Managing a full-cycle media and marketing effort as a Business of One.  From developing a brand, creating and managing online properties, establishing, voicing and interacting via, social media, through to prospective client, and client relationship management systems, we demonstrate how it’s done and effective.

My brand is the business by will gould

My Brand is The Business

William published the book, “My Brand is The Business” in the spring of 2009. The revised 3rd edition is due out in October of 2015. The book reveals secrets for individuals who are competing in a complex and ever-shrinking world where niche, expert-level advice is the price of admission into any industry and targeted distribution of that message the only way to success. Discover how professionals in the advice business are leveraging the newest methodologies of lead generation, client engagement, and business success.