What is The Value of Being on Page 1 of Google?

At ConstantPLAN we work with professionals seeking higher search rankings in local markets where they already appear on page 1 in Google.  Frequently we are asked, “what is the value of each position on page 1 of search results? Is it worth the effort to move up on page 1? And, how hard is it to move up?”

Every position in Google search is up for grabs.  The top spots on page 1 change all the time. This is because Google changes its search algorithm frequently, hundreds of times actually.  The value of those top spots make and break online businesses all the time.

Page 1 – 1st Position      32.5% of traffic

Page 1 – 2nd Position    17.6% of traffic

Page 1 – 3rd Position    11.4% of traffic

Page 1 – 4th Position    8.1%   of traffic

Page 1 – 5th Position   6.1%   of traffic

Page 1 – 6th Position    4.4%   of traffic

Page 1 – 7th Position    3.5%   of traffic

Page 1 – 8th Position   3.1%   of traffic

Page 1 – 9th Position    2.6%   of traffic

Beyond Page 1 it really doesn’t matter much.  91.5% of all web searches never click deeper into the search results than Page 1.












(Google data sourced from Chitika Online Advertising Network)

Let’s suppose for example’s sake that each of the companies in positions 1-9 all sell widget AAA for $100.00.  To make everything else uniform, all of their websites, landing pages, calls-to-action, sign-up forms, etc. are the same.  In a month widget AAA generates 10,000 search results that convert to sales.

Position 1 will generate $325,000 in sales

Position 3, $110,000 in sales

Position 7, $35,000 in sales

Improving the search results in your local area is not just a business imperative but is business survival.


If rumblings in the SEO community are to be believed, at this moment, organic listings as a whole get more (as many as double) clicks than sponsored ads.  This is sure to change (because Google makes more money from advertising).

Practical Help – Which business descriptor do you want to rank #1 in Google?

Name/Brand:  This is relatively easy.  By participating on social media and using the authority of other sites (such as directories and aggregators to host your NAP records), your company name or brand ranks higher.

Service in a Specific Geography:  This is relatively easy. It is achieved by optimizing the pages of your website (by including geographic mentions in the title, Meta descriptions, and page text), and maintaining a volume of consistent NAP records.

It is very important to remember that ranking is not an exact science.  To get found on page 1 of Google It is a fluid process that has general rules for success.  The SEO community diligently probes the different search engines to test which tools and methods work well, and which techniques have lost their effectiveness.

The numbers suggest it is worth the effort, even if you are already on page 1, to constantly improve your business ranking.