Financial Advisors: 57 % the sales process has disappeared.

57 percent of the sales work disappeared“I am open and can help you right over here.” A helpful, yet assuredly bored, young 20-something bounced over to where I had begun to unload my groceries at the self-service kiosk at my local supermarket in Jackson Hole, WY.

“Thanks, but I’m just going to finish and run,” I said with a smile.

As I stood their rotating a box of something looking for the hidden UPC I noticed another woman who was visibly confused by her checkout experience. Yet, when the same checkout girl came to help the customer rebuffed her.

Wandering out of the store, I found my car and while unlocking the trunk realized that my purchasing methodology took me longer, was a bit more confusing, and that I had actively refused help.

The astounding realization is, I wanted it that way.  Who does this?